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It Just Popped Up (not a euphemism)

I spent £2.69 last night on something that I might hate. Generally speaking, when you make a purchase, there are decisions involved. One of the thoughts will be along the lines of 'Will I hate this and immediately regret buying it?' If the answer is yes, you won't spend your money on it. Unless you are an idiot.

Thanks to Amazon's 1 Click Ordering, I wasn't given the time to go through the regular thought processes. I wanted it to ask:

'Are you sure you want to buy Fifty Shades of Grey?'

If I clicked 'yes' I would have then expected a second screen to state:


and then a third which would say:


If I ignored all of the warnings and still proceeded, I would at least have been through a decision making process. Instead, I clicked one button and like a sneaky salesman on a pensioners doorstep, Amazon did a runner with my money. Just like a pensioner, I was left feeling confused, perplexed about what has just taken place and proceeded to soil myself on the carpet.

Within seconds, Fifty Shades popped up on my Kindle. Fuck. I've spent £2.69. This had better be good...

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