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Minor minor minor celebrity...

Here's a teeny tiny post while I get around to writing Chapter 25.

Writing this blog has been a LOT of fun. I do bitch, moan and complain, but it's great to know that people are reading and enjoying my silly thoughts. If you've spent even a minute reading my blog, I really do appreciate it!

If you could find it in your heart to send a quick Tweet about the blog, or link to it in your Facebook status, I will be truly grateful!

There have been a few other sites and blogs who have helped me to promote my witterings, so I just wanted to to say a big thank-you and also direct you to their sites, some of which have extra content from me if you struggle to lead a normal life between blog posts and want to read more of my thoughts.

So...please check out the following sites if you haven't already:

In other news, I got my first EVER bit of (minor) abuse on Twitter the other day. I love that someone has felt so strongly about the blog that they have felt the need to bash out a short message (of no more than 140 characters) showing their disapproval. For those of you who are interested, here's how shit went down...

It all started when I sent a Tweet to the fantastic @FiftyShadesFilm replying to one of  their 'Topic of the Day' questions. I then got a reply about my Tweet:

Lady: what? No tampon jokes? 

Me: Haha...not this time. Decided against it for once! 

Lady: Thank God! I pity ur GF. She must not hear the end of it while having her period. Sure she prefers cramps than 2 listen 2 you 

Me: Yes. You are right. In my personal life I talk about periods ALL of the time. How did you know? 

Lady: Your reaction here? 

Me: My reaction?? You honestly want a reaction to your incorrect (and borderline idiotic) statement? Really?

And that was sooner had it started, it was all over.

It's weird, I get the feeling that the lady who sent the Tweets thinks that in my everyday life, I go around talking about periods ALL THE TIME! She's clearly not able to understand that I say things online that I don't say while I'm at work or spending time with my parents. I think that when she sent those Tweets, she was clearly having a MASSIVE period.

It does make me a little worried for her, as is she's not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality. I wonder if she watched Dark Knight Rises this summer, thinking it was a terrific documentary. I've also heard that she thinks there are tiny people living in her radio who start talking and playing music as soon as she turns it on. I might be wrong...but that's what I heard...

Anyway, I think that having a Twitter spat is a good sign. That lady might not enjoy what I have to say, but at least it's provoked a reaction. I feel like Lindsay Lohan now that I've had a bit of abuse on Twitter. That's a good thing right??

I'll probably get Chapter 25 up in a few weeks...but I'll post regular update on my Twitter feed. Come join me (or abuse me) here -


  1. I do love you Dave.... nothing better than sitting gigglingly insanely reading your posts while people stare at me....

  2. I do the same thing sit laughing like a nutter get some very strange looks depending where I choose to read the latest installments!

  3. Dave you never fail to satisfy with your blogs, whether it's a blog about a random nutter tweeting shite or a nutter called Christian Grey. I'm dreading you finishing the book and might have to beg you to continue!

  4. Hahah! Dave, you make my week.

  5. bloody hell - have to explain the lol factor of a MASSIVE period to 9 yr old boy, thanks Dave


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