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Quick Update

Morning all! Check out my guest post on

If you like the stuff I've put up on my blog, please go and check it out. While you're there, have a read of Erika's chapter updates. If you enjoy what I've been writing, I have no doubt that you'll like her stuff. If you haven't already, check out Erika's guest post on my blog which you'll find below. If you need any further encouragement, she uses the phrase 'magical unicorn boner.' 

In other news, I've decided to ignore what I wrote last week. I won't be doing anything for my summer camp book until I'm done with 50 Shades so I will once again be posting 2-3 chapters every week. I might only be able to get 1 new chapter up next week because I'm super busy with Stag Weekends, weddings and the Olympics, but after that, normal service will resume.

Last week I think I had a bit of a mental breakdown and got a bit fed up of everything 50 Shades related so I wanted something else to occupy my time. However, someone known only as 'Anonymous' left me a comment, making an excellent case for continuing with the blog + seeing it through to the end. I've also had a few Tweets and messages asking me to put up more frequent your wishes have been granted. I feel like a shit genie, granting easily obtainable wishes.

I'm pretty busy until Tuesday but I will get the next chapter up either on or before next Wednesday.

Sorry for the breakdown...I really do appreciate every single person who reads and shares this blog. Without your input, interaction and help in spreading the word, I would just be 1 cross person, sitting in a room, bashing out swear words.

Time to get cracking with Chapter 12...

- Dave


  1. Now you are just teasing me sir.

  2. Dave, just got your email. You should be nothing but proud of yourself: by wading through the utter cack that 50 Shades undoubtedly is, you have saved me, and every other subscriber, 5-10 hours of their life that they would NEVER get back if they had bothered to read it themselves. I, for one, am most grateful for that. If nothing else, I can now waste that time fannying around on "social networking" sites instead.

  3. We love you Dave, don't give up <3

  4. Oh so glad to read you will be carrying on with your wonderfully funny blog, I know i's a bit irrational but the weekly update seemed like such sad news...I have got a real life, honestly! x

  5. Here's to hoping you make a post about attending the Olympics.


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